To achieve and maintain our success in today’s competitive market we are committed to providing our customers the highest quality possible at a lowest cost.  Commensurate to that goal, our Quality System Manual has the defined Quality statement of “Do It Right the First Time” which focuses on the principles of value and complete customer satisfaction.

At HMMI every employee makes a commitment to Quality and teamwork, signifying that the ultimate measure of our success is the quality and reliability of the products and services that we deliver.



Quality Lab


HMMI’s quality lab has everything needed to ensure our parts meet your requirements. Including hand tools such as calipers, pin gauges, micrometers, custom go no-go gauges, ect. Including larger equipment such as optical comparators, and a fully programmable mico-vue CNC measurement system with automatic edge detection, as well as CMM capabilities



Quality System

HMMI has developed our own Custom Quality System Database. This system maintains and ties all aspects of our Quality Management System to the ISO/TS Standard electronically, including Flowcharts, Quality Manual, Forms, and Work Instructions used through out HMMI’ processes. This system is also use to Auto generate and document all internal audits. 




Control Plans

HMMI develops unique detailed control plans for each part. These control plans detail what is to be inspected, the frequency of each inspection as well as what inspection equipment is to be used for each dimension. HMMI used AIAG format control plans for all automotive customers as well as other formats depending on customer, and part requirements.


Quality Documents

Depending on Customer and Part requirements HMMI offers a variety of different quality documents such as ISIR, PPAP, FMEA, PFMEA, SPC, etc, or we will be glad to use your company’s forms if you wish.


Achieved ISO registration in late 90’s and TS since 2003
Quality Certifications: