Our in-house tooling staff is dedicated to providing excellence from the quoting process through manufacturing, offering material suggestions and part design assistance. We will help you avoid needlessly complicated mold designs and help you develop the simplest part design to meet your needs. We understand your concern for built in quality and follow the methods necessary to accomplish this task within your tolerance specifications.

We specialize in producing tooling to service a variety of industries applications and all molds are warranted for one million cycles.

We are currently supplying 20 million parts a month. 



Design Assistance

At HMMI we believe that good quality molds make good quality parts. As part of this process we offer collaboration with our customers before designing the mold by performing a design review. This can be done many different ways but usually involves your engineers and/or our production, mold designers, and quality personnel. We suggest as a minimum that HMMI and you agree on at least parting line, gate and ejector pin locations, and also address any other concerns you or HMMI have concerning each part. This is sometimes accomplished by just an emailed sketch and conference call, or it may be a more formal face to face meeting either at HMMI or at your facility.